Common Ground – Spring 2024

Common Ground – Spring 2024

Join friends for a casual dinner, devotions, and an early evening of learning and growing in fellowship and faith!   Get details and register below.

Wednesday Evenings
April 10 – May 22

Dinner at 6:00 pm
Informal Praise & Prayer at 6:30 pm
Groups & Classes Begin at 6:40 pm
Closing on “Common Ground” at 7:45 pm

A. GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT – What are spiritual gifts? Where do they come from? Do I have any? What do I do with them?  These questions and many more will be answered in this Gifts of the Spirit class. Led by Stan Jackson and George Mannina. (3 sessions, 4/10-24).

B. MINOR PROPHETS  – Come for an overview of the prophets Jonah, Micah, Amos, Hosea and Habakkuk and the prophecies they delivered to the nations of Israel and Judah, some of their better known quotations, and how New Testament writers interpreted their work in light of the finished work of Jesus. Led by Ken Austin. (5 sessions, 4/10-5/8).

C. CHRISTIANITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE –  Come to view and discuss some brief videos featuring Katharine Hayhoe, the internationally-renowned Christian climate scientist, addressing subjects such as: What the Bible Says About the Natural World; What We Can Do as a Church;  There Can Be a Better Future.  Learn why St. Andrew has a “Stewards of the Earth” ministry. Led by Pastor Bob Mordhorst. (1 session, 4/10).

D. FAITH WALK – Explore the journey of faith beginning with a basic understanding of how God is present in our individual lives and in the life of the church.  We’ll talk about how the church was born,  the meaning of the sacraments, how we read the Bible, and why we do what we do in worship, so faith can come alive in our walk with God.  We’ll also cover a bit of the history and ministries of St. Andrew, with plenty of opportunity for questions. It’s a  great opportunity to learn for those new to St. Andrew or anyone who’d like a refresher on the foundations of faith.  Led by Pastor Mark Hricko.  (5 sessions, 4/17-5/15).

E. MUSICIANS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT  – “And David and all the house of Israel were celebrating before the Lord, with songs and lyres and harps and tambourines and castanets and cymbals.” 2 Samuel 6:5  How are musicians represented in the Old Testament? What’s a timbrel or a sistrum? Looking through the lens of scripture, we will learn about the music, instruments, and musicians of the Old Testament, from Jubal and Miriam, to David, Solomon, and more. Led by Ruth Heilman. (3 sessions, 5/1-15)

F. KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY –  During Jesus’teaching about the second coming, He said in Matthew 25:36,  “I was in prison and you came to me.”  Have you ever visited someone in prison?  Are you interested in knowing more about sharing God’s love and the hope of Jesus with those in great need?  Come to learn about the programs of Kairos Prison Ministry International and hear from men who have experienced firsthand a Kairos Inside Weekend. Led by Ken Austin. (1 session, 5/15)

G.  SONGS AND STORIES FROM 75 YEARS – Join the final week of Spring Common Ground as we gather to trace the music of faith, sing the songs, uncover the meaning, and tell the stories of worship at St. Andrew from 1949 to the present! What was the “soundtrack” when the ground was broken, our facilities were dedicated, pastors were installed, we gathered after 9-11, or worshiped during COVID?  How has the music of faith changed?  What does it sound like in Amharic?  God’s history will come to life as we recapture stories and songs from 75 years! (1 sessions, 5/22).

 Childcare is available with a reservation – 48 hours notice, please!
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