Common Ground – Winter 2024

Common Ground – Winter 2024

Join friends for a casual dinner, devotions, and an early evening of learning and growing in fellowship and faith!   Get details and register below.

Wednesday Evenings
January 10 – January 31

Dinner at 6:00 pm
Informal Praise & Prayer at 6:30 pm
Groups & Classes Begin at 6:40 pm
Closing on “Common Ground” at 7:45 pm

A. The Holy Land: Whose Land is it Anyway?
For centuries, the Holy Land (also known as Canaan or Palestine) has been fought over and controlled by various peoples, empires, and governments.  And it is still being fought over today!  Does any particular group or people have a “special” claim to this land, revered as sacred by Christians, Jews and Muslims?  Come to explore the history of Palestine from 3000 BC to the present, and learn what the ongoing conflict is all about. Led by David Van Norstrand. (4 sessions-January 10-31)

B. Stewards of the Earth
Did you know that we are all called to be stewards of the earth, caretakers of God’s creation?  As such,  “Stewards of the Earth” is a new group at St. Andrew established with a goal of helping all to follow the Lord’s command to care for His Garden through intentional actions as individuals, with family, friends, neighbors, and as a congregation.  Learn more about our God-given role as caretakers and join the discussion about how we can encourage and support one another to care for the earth that was created for God’s glory and our joy!  Led by Pastor Bob Mordhorst. (4 sessions, January 10-31)

C. The Art of Epiphany & Christmas
As we journey through the season of hope, good tidings, and Epiphany light, take some time to reflect on why and how artists have depicted the birth of our Savior through His nativity story and the coming of the Magi. Explore artworks from around the world in this presentation led by Ruth Manchester. (1 session, January 10)

 D. The Two Joshuas
Joshua’s conquest of Canaan began the transformation of a band of wilderness wanderers into a territorial state. The effort included great violence, making the Old Testament Book of Joshua a cause of likely discomfort for many contemporary readers. Yet we gather in a church founded by another Joshua (Yeshua/Jesus), who said that His kingdom was not of this world. In this session, we’ll discuss the missions of the two Joshuas and why they might share a name despite their apparent differences. Led by Luke Schoppert. (1 session, January 17)

E. What’s Happening at St. Andrew?
Join Pastor Hricko for an update on our ministry and an informal look behind the scenes at the life of St. Andrew.  We’ll talk about the vision of our leaders, the upcoming celebration of our 75th anniversary, the current condition of our facilities, mission opportunities, staffing, funding, the Wellspring Center, and spiritual life, along with whatever thoughts and ideas you might bring to the table! (1  session, January 24)

F. Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program that can help anyone overcome hurts, hang-ups, and habits of any kind. The program is based on the words of Jesus in The Sermon on the Mount, rather than on psychological theory. Celebrate Recovery can help participants deal with issues like low self-esteem, fear, anxiety, grief, anger, financial indulgence and more. It is a safe place to find community and freedom! Come and see if this could be a new path of love and support where you can grow in relationship with God. Led by Julie Moorman. (1 session, January 31).

 Childcare is available with a reservation – 48 hours notice, please!
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