Common Ground – Fall 2022

Common Ground – Fall 2022

Join friends for a casual dinner, devotions, and an early evening of learning and growing in fellowship and faith!   Get details and register below.

Wednesday Evenings
September 21 – November 9

Dinner at 6:00 pm
Informal Praise & Prayer at 6:30 pm
Groups & Classes Begin at 6:45 pm
Closing on “Common Ground” at 7:45 pm

A. Christ in Film: Perspectives, Part 2 – The life of Jesus has been portrayed and interpreted in significantly different ways across the medium of film. Come watch and discuss key moments in the life of Jesus, including His last hours and resurrection, as told from the perspective of various films.  Explore how they can impact and enhance our faith. Led by David LaCour, this is a continuation of a class held in spring 2022.  New participants are welcome!  (9/21-10/19)

B.  The Life of David – The Bible describes King David as “a man after God’s own heart.” Yet David messed up badly, so much that we wonder how that label could ever stick. What made David uniquely different from Israel’s other royal mess-ups? Pastor Ron Friedrich will lead us through lessons of grace and faith from God’s dealings with David, and David’s response.  (9/21-10/12)

C.  Spiritual Autobiography – Come to get in touch with your spiritual autobiography, which isn’t just the story of your life. It’s the story of your spiritual life! Whether you write it, record it, leave it for your family, or just discover it for yourself, this two-week course led by Pastor Hricko will use Biblical imagery to help you re-assemble your spiritual journey and see how God was present in the blessings, losses, joys, turning points, triumphs and crashes, dark nights and mountaintop experiences that have made you the person you are.  (9/21-28)

D.  Angels & Demons – What does the bible say about angels and demons, soul sleep, animals in heaven, and other interesting and unusual spiritual issues? Join Dave Van Norstrand for a unique and enlightening study and discussion of these and other topics we don’t often talk about. You never know what insights you may discover! (10/19-11/9)

E.  Faith Walk Information Seminar – A six-week journey through the basic teachings of the Christian faith in the Lutheran tradition and an overview of the intersection of God’s story, your story, and the story of life at St. Andrew. Whether you’re searching for a church home or have been here for years, you’re welcome to join our Faith Walk. We’ll talk about what the church is, how we experience God in our lives, how we understand the Bible, where we fit in, what it really means to have God’s grace in your life and a church family in which to belong.  (10/5-11/9)

F.  Light & Darkness in the Gospel of John – The Gospel of John introduces Jesus as the Light. Guided by Mark Weilnau, one of St. Andrew’s newest members, see how that Light shines through John’s witness to Jesus as we tackle questions like: Is seeing believing? What’s the purpose of miracles? How is genuine faith produced? (10/26-11/9)

 Childcare is available with a reservation – 48 hours notice, please!
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