Learn More About The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew

Who is Jesus?

We are people whose lives have been made new by Jesus.
We believe that Jesus is:

Living Savior – Jesus lived an earthly life free of sin because we couldn’t. He died on the cross to atone for the sins of all and rose to reign with the Father in heaven.  Jesus actively draws people to Himself through the Holy Spirit, with the offer of forgiveness and eternal life to anyone who will believe and trust Him. His offer is unconditional, not based on anything we do or don’t do; it is a free gift by the grace of God from a Living Savior who created us to fellowship with Him.

Friend – Jesus is available to all who seek Him. He asks us to cast our cares and anxieties on Him and to seek His direction in all areas of life. He promises never to leave us or forsake us. When we believe, He begins a process of transformation within us, making us more and more like Him, shaping us into His disciples and enabling us to reflect His love and carry out His will and purpose for our lives.

God – Jesus is, and always has been God. According to the Bible, He was with God and He was God  from the beginning of time. Jesus was “begotten” by God, and though fully man while on this earth, He never ceased to also be fully God. He took the fall for humanity, making Him a God who understands the trials and challenges of life and who is able to sustain us through any challenge or hardship we will face.  The Holy Trinity – God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit make up the beautiful mystery and foundation of our faith.

Mission | Vision | Values

Our Mission
is to demonstrate God’s love by caring for all people and helping them to know and follow Jesus.

Our Vision
is to be an inclusive and growing reflection of Christ, partnering with our community as servants and leaders to bless people and support their spiritual growth.

Our Values
Transformation | Purpose | Inclusivity | Celebration | Health | Service