Wellspring Men’s Conference 2018 – Register TODAY!

Wellspring Men’s Conference 2018 – Register TODAY!

Men of God: “Meant for More”
Men are called to play many roles in today’s world. How can we fulfill God’s purposes and be all that we are called to be for those around us, and for Christ? Guys – God is calling us to MORE!  Empowered by the Spirit, we can answer that call. Let’s talk about how.
Guest Speaker:
Rev. Dr. John Nunes, President
Concordia College, Bronxville, New York



Featuring a variety of breakouts on men’s roles and issues:

  • Conflict Resolution: Becoming A Peacemaker – Jotham Johann
  • I Give Up: Exploring Servant Leadership – John Durkin
  • Happy Wife, Happy Life: Tools for Building a Healthy Marriage – Peter DeMik
  • Feeling Empty & Numb: Grief and Healing – Jim David
  • Being a Christian Man in the #MeToo Era – Deb Poese
  • US Tax Reform: How It Will Affect You – Mark Mueller
  • God’s Love in Black & White: Race and Faith – Gary Fields & Bob Sullivan

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