The “SALTeens” St. Andrew Youth are headed to the Erie, Pa to help refurbish and rebuild for those in need.  They need your help to get there!

Do you have a “to do” list that just keeps getting longer? What could you cross off that list if you had a team of young, strong teenagers for two hours to do the heavy stuff?  We’d like to help you find out.  Here are some ideas …

  • Rake Leaves Ÿ
  • Paint a Room Ÿ
  • Babysitting
  • Move Stuff
  • Organize Your Garage or Attic or ??
  • Household Cleaning … including windows!

We aren’t choosy. Be creative! Reserve your two-hour slot now and we will descend upon your home like a plague of locusts … very helpful locusts!

Complete your request below.  Pastor Nick Gonzalez will be in touch to get details and confirm.  Questions? Contact Pastor G at [email protected]

Your generous donation will be very much appreciated!