Lenten Wednesday Worship

Lenten Wednesday Worship


“My life is a mess!”  We’ve heard it from friends who, in those five words, were talking about decisions, actions, circumstances, and relationships. And we may have said it ourselves. Sometimes it happens because we messed it up. Sometimes it feels like a mess because of the people and events around us. Either way, we find ourselves wondering if the mess in our lives can ever be cleaned up and whether Jesus and the community of faith can really help.

Come on Lenten Wednesday evenings (and Sundays/Mondays, too)  to find out how “Cleaning Up the Mess” can transform your life. Discover how the scriptures reflect things you may be experiencing in your life and get some REAL, SPECIFIC, PRACTICAL spiritual direction for finding new beginnings in your relationship with God and those around you!

Week of March 1/2 & March 4 – The Mess You Made
Week of March 8/9 &  March 11 – The Mess You Found
Week of March 15/16 & March 18 – The Messed Up World
Week of March 22/23 & March 25 – Cleaning Up the Mess
Week of March 29/30 & April 1 – From A Mess to A Mission

Come for supper, fellowship and worship together as we reflect on this holy season.