Lenten Wednesday Worship

Lenten Wednesday Worship

Lent is a season of “spiritual gardening,” of asking God to unearth in us what lies fallow, what needs to be tended, and what needs to die for new life to emerge.

CULTIVATE: to prepare and use for the raising of crops; to foster the growth; to improve by labor, care, or study; to refine; to further; to encourage.

We will explore this theme in Sunday & Monday worship, and on Lenten Wednesdays with Soup Suppers at 6:00 pm, and Worship at 7:00 pm.

March 13: “Bountiful Table”
Cultivate Community – Let Go of Isolation
Featured Soloist: Will Meinert – Deep River, Traditional Spiritual

March 20: “Shelter Me”
Cultivate Trust – Let Go of Self-Reliance
Featured Soloist: Patricia Hengen – “He Was Despised” from Handel’s Messiah

March 27: “Invitation to Abundant Life”
Cultivate Acceptance – Let Go of Prejudice
Featured Soloist: Kylena Parks, “Give Me Jesus”

April 3: “A New Creation”
Cultivate Connection – Let Go of Separation
Featured Duet: L.J. Fletcher & Paul Burnett – “Come, Blessed Savior” (Ave Maria)

April 10 – “Now It Springs Forth”
Cultivate Compassion – Let Go of Resentment

Come to explore spiritual cultivation and letting go for the sake of growth in Christ and as we prepare our hearts and minds for Holy Week and the celebration of Easter.