Common Ground – Winter 2019

Common Ground – Winter 2019

Join friends for a casual dinner, informal devotions, and an early evening of learning and growing in fellowship and faith!

A. Bible Study: Acts of Faith  – Come for a “Silver Spring edition” of the community-building study held in Howard County last fall.  Learn about great moments in the history and life of the early church as chronicled in the Book of Acts. Explore moments of conflict, struggle, grace and transformation that touched the first Christ-followers and are still relevant and meaningful as they come alive for the church, believers and seekers today.  Led by Pastor Mark Hricko. 7 sessions. (1/9-2/20)

B. The State of Faith and Sharing it Today – Take a look at a fascinating new study by the Pew Research Center that categorizes Americans not by traditional denominational identity, but rather by beliefs and behaviors that cut across many denominations.  These important traits that unite people of different faiths, or that divide people who have the same religious affiliation have produced a new and revealing classification, or typology, of religion in America. Review the study results, conclusions and discuss the implications of these findings on witnessing for Christ in the world today. Led by Pastor Bob Mordhorst. 2 sessions. (1/9 – 1/16)

C. Twelve Ordinary Men: Called by Jesus – Part II – We don’t need to be “perfect” to do God’s work. Jesus chose twelve disciples whose many weaknesses are preserved in the pages of the New Testament. These were ordinary people – fishermen, tax collectors, political zealots – but in Christ their weakness turned to strength. Based on a book by John MacArthur, this series will continue the study and discussion that began last fall as we review more Biblical examples and explore how Jesus is calling modern day “ordinary” disciples, like you! Previous course participation is not required; new participants are welcome. Led by Minister of Music Ruth Heilman. 4 sessions. (1/9-1/30)

D. Five “Why” Questions for God – In today’s world, hard questions abound. Why are we here?  Why should I believe in God when there’s so much evil in the world? Why would a loving God kill his own Son? Or keep anyone out of heaven?  Why doesn’t God just reveal Jesus once and for all, so everyone can know His Truth?  This series will include discussion of each of these questions, with hope that the exploration will help participants deepen their own relationship with God and offer tools for witnessing to others who are asking these questions too.  Led by St. Andrew member Dave Van Norstrand. 5 sessions. (1/23-2/20)

 E. More of “The World’s Greatest Churches” – The “great churches” of Christianity encompass some of the world’s most stunning art and architecture. Last winter, participants were enthralled by a taste of this study, from the creators of The Great Courses. This winter, we’ll take a virtual tour of churches from three continents – Winchester Cathedral, The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ethiopia and Guadalupe, and the Cathedral of Mexico City – as we discover the stories they tell about their builders and the world that first knew them.   Led by St. Andrew members Marty & Terry Adams.  3 sessions. (2/6-2/20)

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