Common Ground – Spring 2019

Common Ground – Spring 2019

Join friends for a casual dinner, devotions, and an early evening of learning and growing in fellowship and faith!

Wednesday Evenings
May 1 – May 22

Dinner at 6:00 pm
Informal Praise & Prayer at 6:30 pm
Group Time 6:40-7:40 pm
Closing on “Common Ground” at 7:45 pm

A. What Will You Preach This Week? Exploring The Weekly Sermon Texts
Pretend you’re the preacher of the week! Together we will study the appointed scripture lessons from the Revised Common Lectionary and develop outlines of sermons based on the Gospel lessons using a method developed by Lutheran seminary professor, the late Dr. Richard R. Caemmerer, Sr., author of Preaching for the Church. We will also explore any thematic connections to be found between the first and second lessons and the Gospel lesson for each week. Led by Pastor Bob Mordhorst. 4 sessions. (5/1-5/22)

B.  Daily Life in New Testament Times
The New Testament is filled with stories of Jesus and His followers, His teachings, His saving ministry and the earliest days of the church.  This course will include details of how people actually lived in the first century setting where it all happened.  What were the homes and villages like? How did people cook, communicate, work and travel? What did legal proceedings, business transactions, recreation and medicine look like? Gain perspective to illuminate the beloved texts and stories of our faith. Led by George Mannina.  4 sessions (5/1-5/22)

C.  Lectio Divina: Practicing the Presence
Latin for “divine reading,” lectio divina is a practice of meditating on scripture that dates back to Medieval times, with roots in the Biblical age.  Come to meditate on the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant from Matthew 18 and discern what God may be saying through it to you, today! Led by Riki Schoppert. 1 session. (5/1)

D.  Bible Study: The Conversion of St. Paul
This Bible study will cover one of the most dramatic and important turning points in the history of Christian faith.  Through moments of tension, power, and grace, God raised up the greatest (and most unlikely) missionary of all! This session will help participants reconnect with the story of Paul and the beginning of his new life as a follower of Jesus.  Led by Pastor Mark Hricko. 1 session. (5/8)

E.  Big Questions: Why Faith?
Come for a “big question” that was left from last winter’s course. Let’s explore why God requires us to have “faith” to be saved.  Why doesn’t He just prove to everyone that Jesus is the Savior, and be done with it?  Led by David Van Norstrand. 1 session. (5/15)

F.  Sanctification versus Justification: What & Why?
Sanctification and justification are two “church words” that can be confused and confusing at times.  What’s the difference and why does it matter?  Jesus is our Savior through grace, not works, so why does James say that “faith without works is dead?”  Led by David Van Norstrand. 1 session. (5/22)

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