Common Ground – Fall 2019

Common Ground – Fall 2019

Join friends for a casual dinner, devotions, and an early evening of learning and growing in fellowship and faith!

Wednesday Evenings
September 18 – November 13

Dinner at 6:00 pm
Informal Praise & Prayer at 6:30 pm
Group Time 6:40-7:40 pm
Closing on “Common Ground” at 7:45 pm

A. Talking to God: The Power of Prayer – “The power of prayer is real.”  People utter these words, often after a “miracle” occurs in their lives – perhaps something they were praying for or about. But what about mundane moments, joyful moments, moments of anger or loss?  Let’s take a closer look at prayer, one of the simplest and yet most profound ways we can develop a relationship with the Creator of the universe! Led by Pastor Nick González. 4 sessions. (9/18-10/9)

B. The Hero’s Journey and the Gospel Story –  Joseph Campbell’s seminal work The Hero with a Thousand Faces explores the connection between the stories we tell and the spirituality we seek. Explore how Campbell’s theories help us to better understand our Biblical heroes, as well as our own journeys as Christians. Led by Brian Martin, Professor of English Lit. 2 sessions. (9/18-9/25)

 C. The New Testament: Where Did It Come From?  –  The earliest Gospel account (Mark) was written about 30 years after Jesus’ resurrection. Were these writings used in early worship?  Later, how were Gospels and Apostolic letters chosen for the canon we call the New Testament? Why did John’s Gospel make it “in”but Peter’s did not?  Led by Dave Van Norstrand. 6 sessions. (9/18-10/23)

D. Healthy Boundaries: Making & Keeping them – Come to explore the process of recognizing and setting healthy boundaries in your life related to relationships, responsibilities, and more.  How can we discern and establish limits and what’s the healthy way to react when they are tested?  Led by Pastoral Counselor Kathy Kohl, LCPC. 2 sessions. (10/2-10/9)

E. Faith Walk Membership Information Seminar – What did Jesus say about being “members of the body” in the community of believers?  What are the sacraments and why do they matter?  What is Christianity in the Lutheran tradition?  Explore these and related questions in a small group setting where answers are found, and friends are made.  For those new to St. Andrew, and those looking to renew and refresh! Led by Pastor Mark Hricko. 5 sessions. (10/16-11/13)

F. The Kingdom of God – What gives unity to the diverse books of the Bible and hope to the believer? This overview will highlight the Kingdom of God as the theme which runs from Genesis through Revelation, adding meaning, clarity and confidence to our faith. Led by Pastor Bob Mordhorst. 2 sessions. (10/16-23)

G. Worship: Why We Do What We Do – Have you ever wondered why we sing and say what we do in worship? Why the order? Is one part more important than another? Explore the design of Lutheran worship and enjoy a deeper, more meaningful worship experience in the process. Led by Minister of Music Ruth Heilman. 3 sessions. (10/16-10/30)

H. Sticky Topics: Handle with Care – Come for a discussion about challenging conversations and how we can plan, prepare and handle these “sticky” interactions with love and care, in an effort to preserve well-being and relationships involved.  Led by Deb Poese, Professor of Education. 3 sessions. (10/30-11/13)

I. Advance Directives: Planning with Purpose – Learn about the importance of a living will, health power of attorney and other tools that will enable your loved ones to carry out your wishes without challenge at life’s end. Led by Montgomery Hospice. 1 session. (10/30)

J. Fishing for People: Mission Work in Today’s World – Missionary Intern Mengesha Shibru will lead a discussion about the importance and process of cross-cultural mission work to reach souls for Christ, in the midst of today’s divided and distracted world.  2 sessions. (11/6-13)

K. When God Doesn’t Make Sense – There is so much in scripture that doesn’t seem to make sense, and most of it points back to an understanding of grace. Grace seems too free. It seems to require an incredible amount of love. Take in in-depth look at two areas of the faith life that do not make sense – the cross of Christ, and our understanding of love versus how God shows love. Led by Pastor Nick González. 2 sessions. (11/6-13)

 Childcare available with a reservation – 48 hours notice, please!
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