Confirmation Enrolling in August for 2023-2024

Confirmation Enrolling in August for 2023-2024

Confirmation is the affirmation of one’s baptism in which a young Christian confirms their faith and commits to being a follower of Christ.

What is confirmation at St. Andrew? A vibrant ministry for youth that focuses on building a life-long relationship with God and each other. Yes, students learn basic beliefs and history of the Lutheran faith, but a key part of our program is learning to deal with hard questions that don’t have simple answers – questions like …

  • Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad people?
  • Why do we pray? Are prayers really answered?
  • Am I bad because I have doubts? What do I do with those doubts?

Learn more and access program details, documents and registration forms HERE.

Enrollment for the program happens in August. Contact Confirmation Director Mitch Glazier at to learn how your family can connect with our confirmation program so the kids in your life can benefit from this priceless journey of faith.