From Pastor Hricko – September 2021

From Pastor Hricko – September 2021

Dear Friends,

“Are you all the way back?” That’s a question I frequently hear these days from  fellow pastors, friends, and members of sister churches in places near and far  as they ask about the ministry of St. Andrew. So far, my answer is typically “No,  but we’re getting there!”

Though we are not back to our pre-pandemic worship attendance, we’re  getting there! Though Vacation Bible School took place in August instead of June with capacity limited to fewer children than we would normally serve, it did happen, to the glory of God! Meanwhile, more in-person gatherings for children, youth and adults are taking place. Other ministries and initiatives that were put on hold last year are resuming. And plans for the future, for the most part, are looking more and more like they did prior to March of last year.

Together with Pastor González, our staff and congregational leaders, I encourage you to read the latest newsletter to discover more of the ways we’re getting there in our journey all the way back to our pre-pandemic ministry and on to the future God has  in store for us as a community of faith. I also encourage you to pray for our congregation, that we might emerge from a tragic ordeal stronger and even  more joyful, welcoming, and determined to minister to the world around us.  Some precautions are still being taken and we’re still missing a number of  faithful worshipers. More of our fellow citizens need to be vaccinated and,  given recent news, we aren’t yet at the point of having the COVID-19 pandemic fade from our memories. But, by  God’s grace, we’re getting there,  and I look forward to welcoming  more and more of our members and friends back to church and to  our work together for the greatest cause in the world!
The Lord be with you+Love in Christ,

Pastor Hricko