Staff Reflections: God Will Provide

Staff Reflections: God Will Provide

From Marilee Tollefson, Faith Community Nurse …

God will generously provide all you need.  2 Corinthians 9:8

In these sad, lonely and frightening days of the Coronavirus, we often feel out of control. But God continues to remind us of His presence, and His Love. At church we have had to curtail our visits and deliveries to parishioners, but our call and card ministries are thriving. Donations of medical supplies and equipment are down, which is depriving many of necessary items for home care.

This week, one of our members had a desperate need for a knee scooter because of a serious foot infection, preventing him from bearing weight on his foot. When he called, I said they are rarely available, and we hadn’t had one in for weeks or longer. Within the hour, I received an email from someone in the community, reporting they were recovered from foot surgery, and wondered if we were in need of a knee scooter! Praise the Lord for answered prayer!

The next day, we accepted a rare donation of a tub bench and a rollator, received outside the building with social distance and mask protocols in place. They were wiped down and put in storage in our medical space. Within the hour, John, a dedicated PT from the Visiting Nurses Association, called saying, ” I know it’s a long shot these days, but I have a needy patient in need of a tub bench and rollator. Any chance you might have even 1 of them?”

These are just tiny reminders of our need to maintain our faith and hope in a time when we can become discouraged. In our daily prayers, we continue to ask for God’s loving protection over all in the time of Covid 19.