Staff Reflections: That’s Enough

Staff Reflections: That’s Enough

From Barbara Wahlbrink, Director of Communications …

In recent months, there’s a lot we have been missing. For many of us, life has gotten quieter and simpler.  Less active and engaged.  Boring, maybe? Peaceful, perhaps?  Either way, it’s different.  And some of it is hard. But is there anything gone that you aren’t missing? Is any of the empty space in your life feeling good?  No judgement!  You can admit it.  I will too.

Popular culture leads us to believe that we are made worthy by what we do, where we go, what we have, who we see and what impression we make on the world around us.  We build a life and add activities and commitments, one by one. The wheel keeps spinning and we keep doing and adding and doing some more. And it never seems to be enough. But who are we now that we may not be doing, seeing, going, making as we were before? When life is stripped of stuff that filled our days and nights to overflowing…who are we then?

In this “hard stop” of life we’re experiencing right now, we have been given a rare opportunity to reset and restart. To think and pray about the life we had before and what we want now. To let go some of what was done from habit or guilt or the need to impress … and to focus on things that bring joy and really matter.

When life starts cranking up again, you don’t have to jump right back on the same treadmill.  Remember that you are a child of God, promised not just life – but life in abundance – and that means abundance of joy, not stuff!  Choose what is meaningful.  Pray before you say yes, and don’t be afraid to let some things go. Remember that, even when we have nothing, do nothing, go nowhere, impact no one – each of us is a child of God, beloved and precious to the One who made us, fully worthy before we do a thing.  And if we keep that in mind, we’ll be led by the Spirit to do what is ours to do, and we’ll do it joyfully. We’ll bless others and find peace along the way. And that’s enough.

Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  1 Corinthians 10: 31