Register for Small Group Communion

Register for Small Group Communion


Arrive at church a few minutes before your scheduled time. For the protection of yourself and others, wear a mask at all times except when it must be removed to partake in the communion elements. While the celebration will be no more than 10 minutes in length, chairs will be available for those who would prefer to sit.

Approach the main front entrance where you will see an altar and tables. Atop the tables will be small chalices with seals on both the top and bottom. These chalices contain the elements of Holy Communion. They will be appropriately spaced apart. Stand in front of one of the chalices.

When all have gathered, the pastor will lead a brief celebration of Holy Communion, including confession and absolution, the reading of scripture, prayers, and the words of institution.

When the time comes to receive the Lord’s Supper, pick up the chalice, turn it upside down, peel off the seal, place the seal on the table and the consecrated bread into your hand, and “take and eat” as the words are spoken. Then turn the chalice right side up, peel the seal from the top, place it on the table, and receive the consecrated wine or grape juice. Place the empty chalice back on the table. You may leave it there or, if you wish, take with you when you depart. After a prayer of thanks and a blessing, you will be dismissed to return to your vehicle.


  • Requests for gluten free bread and/or grape juice may be made during online registration.
  • The area where communion will be served is under cover, so light rain may not be an issue. If more severe weather is forecast, we have the option to move into the Commons while maintaining safe distancing.
  • We welcome you to greet others as you are able, but please do so outdoors and maintain physical distancing.

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