A Conversation About Racism, Injustice & the Church

A Conversation About Racism, Injustice & the Church

In recent weeks, our responses to racial injustice in our society have taken a number of forms including the sharing of prayer resources, a pastoral letter, Mid-Week Word & Song, Thursday Thoughts on social media, proclamation in worship, as well as numerous conversations with high school youth, our Board of Directors, members of our church staff, and many of you.

In terms of next steps, we are in the process of assembling a variety of faith-based resources to share with you. In addition, an online panel discussion among members of St. Andrew is being planned as we imagine still other ways to give witness to the truth and love of Christ during these very troubling and painful days when, as Maryland Governor Hogan has said, “new light is shining on old wounds.”

Another step in the process can be found at the link above, and Pastor Nick and I highly recommend it to you for viewing and reflection. Entitled How Our Church Can Confront Racism and Injustice, it’s the recording of a webinar from a few days ago that features a conversation and question/answer time with Rev. Dr. John Nunes, a friend of St. Andrew and the president of Concordia College-New York. Just over an hour in length, we believe this session conveys important, honest and relevant insight into our history, beliefs, and practices within the Lutheran Church in relation to issues of race and injustice. We believe it will challenge you and, we pray, will inspire us all to take full advantage of this moment of opportunity to love one another in obedience to our Lord’s command.

Thanks, in advance, for watching! Stand by for additional opportunities to grow in our witness – both in actions and words – as we respond to racial injustice wherever it is found, and in doing so give glory to God and bring hope to the world.

Love, in Christ,

Pastor Mark Hricko