COVID-19 Update for March 23 – Pastoral Update

COVID-19 Update for March 23 – Pastoral Update

Dear St. Andrew Family,

Every day our prayers ascend for all of you and for all the world in these challenging times of adversity caused by the COVID-19 virus. But every day, we also give thanks for the grace that sustains us and the hope which is ours in Christ.

While many of you have expressed your appreciation for the online worship opportunities we have when we cannot worship in person, one of you recently shared that you miss seeing Pastor Gonzalez and me together in the sanctuary. Let me assure you that I do too!

However, Pastor Nick and Lauren are in the midst of a 14 day self-quarantine following a trip to a gathering in New Jersey two weekends ago during which they suspected a possible exposure to the virus. A few days after their return Pastor Nick began to feel some symptoms, and a few days ago we learned that his brother, Pastor Matthew Gonzalez, who was also present at the gathering, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

We are very thankful that both brother pastors are feeling better, and that Lauren is currently feeling fine. I’m also thankful to report that Pastor Nick and Lauren have had no physical contact whatsoever with anyone at St. Andrew since their exposure to the virus while in New Jersey. Pastor Nick is in the care of a physician and, though he has not been tested, he is operating under the assumption that he contracted the virus and will therefore remain isolated until the “all clear” is given by his doctor.

Needless to say, I ask for your prayers for Pastor Nick and Lauren, for Pastor Matt and his family, and for all who have been touched in any way by the worldwide pandemic. And while you’re stuck with me for a while longer at our online worship, I join you in looking forward to Pastor Nick’s ministry when he returns, and perhaps even before that from his home.

God will see us through, and as He does, we remain together in a bond of love and prayer, in Christ!

The Lord be with you+

Pastor Hricko