COVID-19 Update for March 19 – Church Closed Til Further Notice

COVID-19 Update for March 19 – Church Closed Til Further Notice

Dear Flock,

Given the fact that St. Andrew’s original cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic were effective only through this coming Saturday, allow me to update you and state the obvious:

All worship services and activities at St. Andrew are now canceled until further notice.

Until necessary restrictions to our gatherings are lifted, I encourage you to worship online with your church family (Click HERE for resources), to be in touch with each other, and to use this time to discover what God may be teaching you in the midst of these anxious and uncertain days.  As one online devotion I watched this week put it, “God does some of His best work when we are in the wilderness.”  Another one included a prayer that “our hearts would long for the things we cannot have,” or as I said in my own message last weekend, that this time would increase our joy in the Lord, our affection for our congregation, and our desire to gather in celebration and service as soon as possible.

Until that wonderful day comes, know that several of our ministries are ongoing.  Just this week, Pastor Nick held an online youth meeting and a teen Bible study.  Marilee Tollefson and our Health & Wellness ministry are supporting many of you.  Starting this Sunday, our Confirmation classes will be meeting in a virtual classroom.  And our worship team is busy planning and preparing our online worship, for which many have already expressed appreciation at a unique time when our need for the promise and comfort of God’s word and a sense of Christian community are great.

I also encourage you to read two more items:

  • A message from our congregational treasurer, Bruce Winter about how COVID-19 may affect St. Andrew finances (Click HERE);
  • An update regarding the Manna Food Drive that was scheduled for this coming Sunday but had to be canceled.  At this critical time, Manna needs our support more than ever! Find out what you can still do to help. (Click HERE).

Future news and updates will be coming your way  through email as well as postings on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Above all, remember that our God is with us always!  Keep your hope alive!  Look forward to a great reunion!  And know that our church staff loves you and is praying for all of you, that we would be kept in God’s care and remain united in Spirit until we are able to gather again in the house of the Lord and praise Him in the presence of our congregation.

Grace and peace, always, in Christ +

Pastor Mark Hricko