Staff Reflections: Within Us

Staff Reflections: Within Us

From Barbara Wahlbrink, Director of Communications …

Autumn is a season of beauty, but there’s a chill in the air. As the days grow cool and we watch the leaves take on the red, orange and gold of God’s glory, it is hard not to mourn a little, for the warmth of summer and those “lazy, hazy days” we left behind. When the foliage withers and the lush, leafy canopy turns to bare sticks, the contrast is stark. If we didn’t know better, we’d think the beauty was gone for good, leaving nothing but memories. We’d think the best is behind us. But, alas – we know better; we have seen better. Autumn glory always turns to winter chill but then, before we know it, buds appear, birds begin to sing, and new life opens before our eyes. It’s the promise of spring that keeps us going.

Life can be like that. As seasons pass, things change. Sadness and loss may hit closer to home. Sometimes it feels like the best is behind us. But alas, spring is always coming. God promises that, despite the stumbles, the losses, the chill that creeps in, there is always joy and new life ahead. We need to hold that promise in our hearts and live it every day. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is here … is at hand … is within you. (Luke 17:21) He was talking about finding the treasure of peace and joy, here and now. If we live in the promise of spring, we can find peace and joy in every day, no matter the circumstances. We can keep walking forward with confidence and hope, open to new adventures, thankful for the blessings and accepting whatever comes, knowing that loss is temporary and even our very last “adventure” will be a great adventure, because our awesome God who has promised IS faithful.

As we take in the beauty of this fall season, and perhaps begin to dread the cold that is coming, let’s pray for the faith and courage to live every day in the promise of spring. Never forget … the kingdom of God is here … is now … is within us.

Let us hold firmly to the hope we profess, for our God who has promised is faithful.
ebrews 10: 23