Staff Reflections: Blessed

Staff Reflections: Blessed

From Lia Mai Puskar, Preschool Director …

When I was shopping today, I already noticed Thanksgiving décor adorning the shelves.  I agree, far too early, but hey, it’s almost Christmas! I noticed some nice decorations that simply stated “blessed” or “thankful.” For me, those two terms sum up how I feel about the family I grew up in. Let me explain.

I have three older brothers and one big sister. Yup, I‘m ‘the baby’, and I’ve always immensely enjoyed that position in my life. As a child I felt safe and protected by my brothers; my sister was my idol and the person I wanted to emulate. Our household was busy and loud- I loved it. Our home was the neighborhood gathering place when I was very young- with a pool table and a ping-pong table in the basement, a nice hill for sledding, and a big yard for nighttime neighborhood games, it was definitely the place to be. We had dogs and cats, guinea pigs and rabbits. It was FUN.

I’m thankful for that gift that my parents gave me. It was indeed a blessing. Now, although we live far apart, I talk and text with my siblings all the time. We give each other unlimited, free advice and counseling- don’t know what I’d do without it! Apparently my siblings all enjoyed growing up in a large family as well, because between the 5 ‘kids’, there are 16 grandkids for my mom to enjoy. Add to that the 10 great-grandkids so far, and the legacy is sure to only continue to grow exponentially.

As Psalm 136:1 states, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.”  He sure is. He knew what our family needed, before my parents even knew! It wasn’t perfect, but it sure was GOOD- really good. I’m so blessed and thankful everyday.