Staff Reflections: The Lord Watch Between Us

Staff Reflections: The Lord Watch Between Us

From Lia Mai Puskar, Preschool Director …

“The Lord watch between you and me, when we are out of one another’s sight” Genesis 31:49

Working as the Preschool Director at the Church, I love seeing the young children hanging onto mom or dad as they come in, about to begin the school day. The children get their kiss goodbye, and then they’re immediately under the watchful care of our teachers and aides. A few fun hours later, and mom is back, ready to collect her beaming child once again to enjoy the remainder of the day….together. All day. Non-stop. Lunch. Playground. Library. Target. Dinner. Bath time. Story time. Bedtime…please, bedtime…why isn’t he tired yet? That desperate feeling for your child to fall asleep so that you could get just one moment of peace and quiet….been there, done that, and I remember it well!

As I often remind our parents of preschoolers, ‘The days are long, but the years are short’….for before you know it, you have children that are adults, and they’re NOT under your watchful eye. That constant companionship, always knowing exactly where your child is and with whom….it all changes before you know it.

For us, it’s been quite an adjustment. All four of our children love to travel and experience as much of the world as they can. The bottom line is, one is now living in Italy, and one is living in Denver, Colorado. I’m grateful for this modern age, where we truly can constantly text, call, email, WhatsApp, and Skype in order to stay in touch. That certainly does help. However, I find myself calling out to God frequently, that His watchful eyes would look over them. Although they’re adults, that motherly instinct of mine kicks in frequently. Ultimately, I have to give it all over to God and trust in the knowledge that He’s in control. As much as I know this, I do find that it’s a bit more difficult at times when the distances are so vast. After all, let’s face it, there’s ZERO control now! Reading Scripture to remind myself of His promises goes a long way.

Yes, the days were indeed long….but the years really did fly by. Now I look forward to the late nights, chatting and catching up in person, delaying bedtime as long as possible.