Staff Reflections: Thanks, Dad

Staff Reflections: Thanks, Dad

From Greg Twombley, Director of Ministries …

These days, I often ponder the fact that I can never be apart from God, and thereby, God is never apart from me.

As a child of God, I’m fascinated by the thought that I am a unique and distinct creation of God. We all are, according to David, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” There is much DNA research, and many agree that finding an exact DNA match in another human being is far more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. The chances against 2 people having exactly matching DNA is far greater than the number of people who have ever lived. Some claim the odds are 1 in 400 trillion that all DNA markers could match between 2 people.

So, what to do with this? It’s clear that God has made each of us His own, and claims us and loves us, just as a Good Father would do. Though, what does He expect of us? He knows our innermost selves, our thoughts, our ways, and is always present in all times, from the joyful time to the sorrowful times.

And yet, He gives us the opportunity to choose our paths, though He is ever present, and all we must do is to call upon Him. In the end, He expects us to act in His ways of love for ourselves and for one another. This might translate to assisting the stranger on the side of the road, greeting the person with kindness who prepares your wonderful coffee beverage, encouraging others to lift their Praise and Worship to Him the source of all Good, and spending quiet time in prayer and gratitude for all the blessing He showers upon us.

There is never a moment that God is not with me, and He loves me no matter how many times I grow impatient with less than courteous drivers in traffic, or the times I don’t remember to be thankful for all that He has made in me. I am flawed, and God covers those flaws with His Grace and Love, and He works through me, as He does through us all to encourage our journey through light, through darkness, through all the times, good and bad, until we see Him forever.

I really need to just learn the lesson from my Dad who was kind to everyone he met, and would spend all the time anyone was willing to spend talking (“visiting” was my Dad’s word) and learning how they could be helped in their day. Thanks, Dad. You taught me how much a Father loves.