Staff Reflections: Savor the Moment

Staff Reflections: Savor the Moment

From Pastor Mark Hricko …

One part of my spiritual life that I need to work on, because it always seems to need work, has to do with savoring the moment. When we “savor the moment” we take time to delight in it, enjoy it, appreciate it, reflect on it, and not just move through it and from it.

As you might imagine, I spend a fair amount of time in the scriptures preparing to preach or teach. In doing so I can feel my fingers turning its pages rather rapidly, going from one passage to another. I have to work on stopping, or at least slowing down, and letting the words sink in to my heart, mind, and personal experience, and not just because I have a class to teach that evening.

The same is true in worship. As a worship leader, savoring the moment presents a different kind of challenge. But when I work on listening to the lesson thoughtfully, latching on to a word or phrase in a liturgy, hymn, or praise song that jumps out at me and hits me hard, the blessings are always there. On occasion, after preparing the altar for the Lord’s Supper, I’ll have time to sit down, think about what’s about to happen, and pray for me and all who will join me at the greatest family meal of all.

Savoring the moment can be about seeing the wonder of creation as I drive along instead of focusing on the traffic because I’m in a hurry. It can heighten my appreciation for the relationships in my life when, in the midst of a conversation, I silently thank God for the person with whom I’m talking. As a person who tends to get stuck in the wrong line at the store, I’ve tried praying for the others in line, which definitely beats some of the other thoughts I’ve had. And on it goes.

Trust me. I have not yet perfected the practice of “savoring the moments” God gives to me. Far from it. But I’m working on it, and I invite you to join me.