From Pastor Hricko – March 2019

From Pastor Hricko – March 2019

Dear Friends,

A week after our Members Meeting on January 27 (click HERE for meeting highlights), I had the pleasure of spending a few days on the campus of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis where I interviewed four candidates for the position of Associate Pastor at St. Andrew on behalf of our Call Committee. I also served as preacher at three of the week’s daily chapel services and presider at their weekly celebration of Holy Communion. One of the seminary’s professors invited me to speak to his class on Pastoral Theology, during which I thought about attending such a class as a seminary student myself minus the laptops and cups of Starbucks coffee. Last, but far from least, it was a joy to visit with seminary president Dale Meyer and his wife Diane, make new friendships with students, faculty, and visiting pastors on campus, and to have lunch with our former Associate Pastor Steve Miller, who sends you his greetings.

This year’s seminary graduating class is only about half the size of the one from which we last called a graduate to serve as a new pastor among us. What that means is, with more churches calling graduates than there are students to fill those calls, the chance of our call not being filled is unfortunately greater this time around. That said, our Call Committee has recommended two possible candidates, with the request that one be assigned a Call to St. Andrew by our denomination’s council of district presidents on May 1, 2019. Voting to extend our Call is scheduled for March 3 and 4 following each of our services. All members are encouraged to participate.

As we wait to see how the Spirit will work through our Call process, I remain very thankful for your energy and commitment to the mission of Christ as we approach the coming holy days of Lent, during which we are all “called” to follow Jesus in the way of loving service to the world for which He gave His life. St. Andrew is a wonderful congregation in which to minister, and if God sees fit to send a new pastor to us from the seminary, that servant will be immeasurably blessed through those who worship the Lord every week and serve Him every day. And if we are pointed in another direction as God gives grace, we will follow it faithfully and joyfully.
I invite you to join with me in prayer for our congregation, for the seminary community, and for all who have heard God’s call and in response have said “Here I am! Send me!”

The Lord be with you +Love in Christ,

Pastor Hricko