Staff Reflections: Now What Do I Do?

Staff Reflections: Now What Do I Do?

From Greg Twombley, Director of Ministries & Praise Team Leader …

Now what do I do?

It’s a question many face in the challenges of life. We don’t know which direction to head in our lives, something doesn’t work out as planned, we lose a loved one, things fall apart. We might become doubtful and afraid. Lately, in speaking with students who find themselves standing on the threshold of launching into the unknown, questions of what to do and where to go come up. “What if I’m not on the right path?”

I believe that God places on our hearts certain passions, motivations, and dreams, though He doesn’t often make it clear what we’re supposed to do with those things. It’s easy to say it’s not fair; however, that overlooks something important. God will see us through whatever path we choose. In the end, maybe He’s OK with whichever direction we go, so long as we’re serving Him through serving others with the blessings He showers upon us.

Here’s the thing: no matter what happens, no matter how things go, we must always seek to be prepared, to do our homework, our studies. Then, when God presents us with an opportunity, we will have prepared to go forth, though this opportunity might be the last thing we would have chosen. And yet, as it unfolds, we see that God was preparing us for this direction all along. And on we will go, especially in the face of adversity. The homework we did will get us through by God’s immeasurable love as He works through us. When we encounter someone who has experienced doubt, disappointment or loss, we will know that by having experienced these things ourselves, we can lend an ear and our heart to help. Maybe that’s part of what God was doing when He sent Jesus into this world.  Through it all, we know that God’s love is always present, we know we’re blessed beyond measure, and we learn to boast in our sufferings, for we know that in the end suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope, which does not disappoint.