Staff Reflections: Fear Not

Staff Reflections: Fear Not

From Leah Chrest, Guest Blogger …

I spent years ruled by fear. Sometimes it was in the form of guilt, worry, sadness, or anxiety, but with the same end result – feeling separated from love and from God. I don’t think I’m alone. Through the Christmas narrative and beyond, we hear the command, “Do not be afraid.” Perhaps it is one of the most beautiful messages of this holy season. Like Mary and the shepherds, we are surrounded by God’s love and joy and invited to share in it. Yet, fear can hold us back. How do we shake this fear?

In February 2017, I woke to a text that my grandfather, my spiritual mentor, had passed. My heart broke. In the silent, pre-dawn hours, I prayed: ”Pop, I know you are okay now. Please help me to help our family.” I hoped for a leading perhaps, but nothing more. Imagine my joy when, within seconds, spiritual hands seemed to pull at my chest, ripping away layers of fear in its many forms. A love that defied description flooded in. I felt as if I were floating over the bed, spiritual electricity flowing through me. Nothing I have experienced before or since compares. I knew in that moment, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God was real and that I was loved beyond my ability to comprehend. I knew what I needed to do–release fear and allow love to fill me so that I could bring that same love to those who needed it.

Knowing what to do and doing it are not one and the same. In the months since, I have struggled to allow myself to be filled by God’s love. His love surrounds us, but I most easily found it in moments of silence, when my heart and mind were free from distraction. I have created a YouTube channel of short meditations to bless others who also commune with God best through silence. You can find them at the link below. I am always open to feedback as I grow and develop this ministry.

Will you join me in filling yourself with God’s love this holiday season? Perhaps this is the best gift we can give to both ourselves and those we love.

Leah is a St. Andrew member. Check out Leah’s guided meditation YouTube channel HERE.