Staff Reflections: The Gift of Time

Staff Reflections: The Gift of Time

From Ruth Heilman, Minister of Music …

Time is fleeting. We spend it, waste it, give it, and take it. Sometimes, we wish it would slow down, and at other times, we want it to pass more quickly. When we are young, we want to be older, and when we are older, we wish we could be young again.

One of the many blessings I have received through accepting the Call to serve at LCSA has been the gift of time. I have time to pursue favorite hobbies, do volunteer work, luxuriate in longer walks with my dog Sascha, explore literature, and enjoy music to the fullest. Even time on the commute is a gift, because I have “alone time” to think and pray.

This coming weekend, we are all given time, when we “Fall Back” an hour early Sunday morning. Yes, that hour will be taken away again in the spring, but how should we spend it? When I was a teenager, I lobbied my parents for an extra hour out with my friends, and when I became a parent, I lobbied my young children to go back to bed!

My guess is that most of us will enjoy the extra hour of sleep, but I also encourage you to find extra time to be with God this week, special time for the two of you. It could take the form of sitting in the warm sun and reading your favorite passages of Scripture. Maybe you will take a long hike or a drive in the country and spend time in prayer while your senses feast on the beauty of God’s creation. We all know of someone who is lonely and hurting. Take time to pray for them and then give them a call to let them know you care, and more importantly, that God cares. And finally, take some time to praise God for His gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus. May God bless and keep you! See you in church!