From Pastor Hricko – October 2018

From Pastor Hricko – October 2018

Dear Friends,

I wish you all the blessings of Christ as we turn another page on the calendar and notice that there aren’t too many left in 2018.  But the time will be precious, as it always is, and I invite your prayers for the ministry we share in Him.

Specifically, I ask you to remember the children who will be baptized at St. Andrew this fall and children of all ages who gather around the scriptures in a variety of settings including a new one at the Linden Hall Community Center in Ellicott City.  Add to that the children of Bethania Kids in India, who we will lift up before the Lord and have the opportunity to support.  Kindly include those who are making the Faith Walk in preparation for uniting with our congregation before year’s end.  Finally, I invite your prayers for those who will be traveling with me to walk in the Footsteps of St. Paul in Greece and Turkey, after which we’ll come to the end of October with another celebration of grace on Reformation Sunday.

I already know that there will be much more for which to pray and give thanks in another changing season of life that will come, as it always does, with its share of transitions, unexpected developments, and exciting new opportunities to see the work of God among us.

Be sure to join your sisters and brothers at St. Andrew and invite your friends to join you in worshiping God every week and serving Him every day, that as we speak to the Lord in prayer and hear Him speak back to us in His word, we will grow up in Christ and bring His goodness and grace to every part of the world for which He died and rose again.

The Lord be with you+

In Christ,  your brother,

Pastor Hricko