Treasurer’s Report July 2018

Treasurer’s Report July 2018

Are you interested in knowing more about the financial position of our church? Have you ever examined the annual budget presented for approval to all members at the end of each year? If so, this is the column for you … and here’s the latest:

Here’s a recap of the data presented at our recent Members’ Meeting:

2017 Contributions:
Budgeted: $1,573,000
Actual: $1,626,667
Variance: $53,667
2017 Operating Expenses:
Budgeted: $(1,651,300)
Actual: $(1,602,526)
Variance: $48,774
Above & Beyond Contributions: $196,691

We are grateful that your generous contributions last year exceeded our budget by over $53,000, and our actual expenses were below budget by nearly $49,000! While we likely won’t be able to enjoy this financial outcome every year, rest assured that the entire Finance Team at St. Andrew works diligently every day to ensure that every penny of your donations is spent conservatively and in the best possible way to move forward God’s work in our church, community and global missions.

Our congregation continues to generously support the Above & Beyond (A&B) Gift Program which has enabled us to complete many projects and fund missions that would not have been possible  otherwise. Our beautiful church home remains in “almost new” condition through regular maintenance, painting and cleaning that we might otherwise have to forgo, if not for A&B funding. New lighting that brightens our Sanctuary, Commons and the building exterior was all funded by your gifts to A&B. We continue to support our Monday Night worship, and recently started a 5th weekly service in the Amharic language to help share God’s love with Ethiopians living in our region,  all through the generosity of A&B donors. Thank you so much for your support to these important initiatives.

As many of us look forward to summer travels that may take us away from worship at St. Andrew in the next month or two, prayerfully consider making arrangements to continue your regular  contributions to St. Andrew as you enjoy your time away. Keep in mind that most of our bills are fixed and must be paid each and every month. Only by God’s grace, and with your regular financial gifts, can the good works of our ministries continue and grow. There are a variety of easy ways to keep your giving going even while you are away. In addition to regularly scheduled or one-time Electronic Funds Transfer, you can even give by phone! Visit and click GIVE to learn more.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and pray you continue to enjoy God’s many blessings as we serve Him together.

Bruce Winter, Treasurer