From Pastor Hricko – June 2018

From Pastor Hricko – June 2018

Dear Friends,

At our Member’s Meeting on June 3, those in attendance will get a glimpse of St. Andrew’s future, or at least as much of it as God has opened to us.

We will meet Ruth Heilman, our incoming Organist/Choirmaster, who will officially assume all the duties of her new position later this summer. As I welcome her on your behalf, I also invite you on her behalf to get to know Ruth and consider supporting our Music Ministry with your participation, prayers, and support. Let us give thanks for this new voice among us!

We will also have the chance to welcome those who attend our new Amharic Service, held each Sunday at 12:30 p.m. It is such a joy to see our worshipping community grow in this way and look more and more like the family of “all nations” our Lord has called us to be. Pray that this gathering will continue to be blessed in the future as it surely has been during the launch of this new beginning.

We will hear news that this fall, a weekly Bible study will begin in the Ellicott City area of Howard County, where we’ve been sensing God’s call to go and share the Good News with those who live in the area and are open to spiritual life at a second location for St. Andrew’s mission and ministry.

Investing in God’s mission will be another topic for our consideration. This will include: an introduction to a new Endowment Fund and the giving legacy opportunity it provides to members and friends of our congregation; thanksgiving for your support of the Above and Beyond gift catalog, and thoughts about future funding needs as we continue to explore the feasibility of yet another parking lot at our New Hampshire site; the growth of our church staff; and the growth of “St. Andrew-Howard County.”

I pray that many of you can be with us, but if you aren’t able to make it to the meeting, I hope this little summary of its highlights will help you to get a glimpse of what God is doing through the life we share and that you’ll find your place somewhere in the process of moving forward, trusting that you, too, are pictured in His plan for the future as God uses you and me to serve as the hands and feet and voice of Jesus for the hope of the world. So, here’s to the future by the grace of God!

The Lord be with you+

In Christ,  your brother,
Pastor Hricko