From Pastor Hricko – May 2017

From Pastor Hricko – May 2017

Dear Friends,

As we make our way through the season of Easter, which is to say the fifty days from Easter to Pentecost, allow me first to thank those of you who supported our worship and all other aspects of our congregational life during Lent and Holy Week. From musicians to worship leaders and planners, service assistants, office volunteers, staff members, those who prepared our altar and chancel, and servants in all other ministries of hospitality, education, and compassionate service, you were quite a team for the glory of God and the spiritual nourishment of those who gathered in His name on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, during Holy Week, and on another glorious Easter Day. Thank you all for your witness, faithfulness, and labor in the Lord!

A few years ago, an Anglican bishop concluded his Easter homily with a challenge to his flock on the church’s biggest day. “That is the story of the resurrection!” he said with great conviction. “What you do with it is up to you.” With that, he turned around and walked away from the pulpit.

What we do at St. Andrew with the story of Easter is stay close to the promises of life in Christ by gathering at Common Ground, blessing confirmands as they prepare to make their vows, seeking the Spirit’s promptings for the next chapter in our spiritual history, and loving Him by loving others in our actions as well as our words, all in addition to giving God the glory due His name every Sunday morning and Monday evening.

My hope and prayer is that no one will turn around and walk away, unless, like the good bishop, it is to take the message of life in Christ to the next place, the next relationship, and the next opportunity to show someone the reality of Easter in every season of life. Blessings to all of you as our celebration goes on to Pentecost!

The Lord be with you +

In Christ, Your Brother,

Pastor Hricko