From Pastor Hricko – April 2017

From Pastor Hricko – April 2017

Dear Friends,

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf of springtime.” — Martin Luther

With daylight saving time, the first day of spring, and the mild winter we’ve had, the fulfillment of Luther’s words certainly gets me thinking about the coming of Easter.

But not so fast! The Lenten days of self-denial and deep meditation are still underway, and I’m convinced that only those who walk in the way of the cross through their life and worship will experience the full effects of the stunning contrast between death and resurrection. In fact, one of the blessings of having grown up in a devout Christian family was the annual experience of holding a palm branch at the beginning of Holy Week, communing on Maundy Thursday, walking out of a dark and solemn worship experience on Good Friday, but then re-entering that same holy space on Easter morning to the sight of lilies and colorful banners and extra worshipers who couldn’t stay away from the great celebration. Beyond our worship and service to God, it was, and still is, divine drama, and its power to spiritually place me on the road from Jerusalem’s entrance to the Upper Room, Calvary, and the garden tomb is undiminished after all these years.

I invite you to join me for all of it and I pray that you will. Don’t shortcut the impact of your Easter experience by missing the sacred days that precede it. Book it now and see what I mean!

The word Lent is a shortening of the Old English word lencten, which means springtime. And that it is, as we make our way to all the experiences through which “our Lord has written the promise of resurrection.” To that end, I pray that April 2017 will mark a new springtime in your spiritual life and that the ministry of St. Andrew, which is very much alive, will strongly support you in all the seasons of your life. Whether you approach Easter with tears, like Mary Magdalene, or you just can’t wait to hear the sounds of the congregation saying “He is risen indeed!” I welcome you to come and see the Crucified and Risen Christ greeting you in all your joys and sorrows through words, sacraments, people who love Him and, as if that isn’t enough, “in every leaf of springtime.”

The Lord be with you +

In Christ, Your Brother,

Pastor Hricko